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Business Partners (National): We have wide range of quality products and equipments. We are therefore, looking at Business Partners at the National Level.

Connect with us for a business opportunity. Grow with us and also contribute to the society by serving a cause-Health and safety .

Business Partners (International):

Our ED products have already established its name in many parts of the European markets. We are now looking to expand our wings for our other products. We are therefore, seeking for Business partners in different countries globally especially in European and African Countries.

Allecrahealth Services Goal

Allecra has taken up the responsibility of providing healthcare related support through:

Allecra Product list

We provide medical items

Best Medicines and Quality Equipments

Allecrahealth (Allecra HealthCare Private Ltd) has a vision to see everyone healthy and safe.

Apart from other factors, medicines are an integral part of our life.

Sedentary life styles, Fast paced Life, Stress, Depression; Pollution etc leave deep impact on our health which leads to diseases and illness.

Allecrahealth is a trusted brand as we ensure for quality at a very reasonable rates.